Helping to Decrease the Duration and Severity of Disabilities

Better Rehabilitation

Begins at Home

Our physical therapy team treats patients with their therapy problems, such as difficulty walking, muscle weakness, balance deficiencies, falls, lightheadedness as well as vertigo, discomfort, or other physical issues. Our objective is to aid patients to take part in life at the highest degree. Physical therapists can additionally assist individuals by helping and also suggesting with the right fit as well as adjustment of an adaptive device.


Areas We Serve

You can count on Neighborhood Home Health Care for  home health care services. Our  clinician are specialized  to perform all essential function in providing the most effective and viable health care  experience. We Cover the following Counties in the State of Michigan.

We Accept All Major


At Neighborhood Home Health Care Services of Michigan, our team believes that every person can see the doctor of their selection as well as obtain miraculous high-quality treatment. We are honored to offer customers with industrial healthcare strategies in addition to the complying with insurance policies. By arrangement we accept most other insurances as well. For further inquiries, please call our office to contact our friendly staff

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