-Medical Social Worker-

The services provided by the Medical Social Worker include:

  • assessing the psychosocial status of the patient related to the patient’s illness and environment and communicating findings to the registered nurse
  • carrying out social evaluations and planning intervention based on evaluation findings
  • providing information and referral services for patients and families/caregivers regarding practical and environmental needs
  • providing information to patients or families/caregivers and community agencies
  • serving as the liaison between patients or families/caregivers and community agencies
  • maintaining collaborative relationships with public and private agencies as resources for the patient and organization personnel
  • assisting the physician and other team members in understanding significant social and emotional factors related to health problems
  • the Medical Social Worker helps the patient with obtaining outside resources based on their individual needs including, but not limited to, meals on wheels, life alert, applications for food assistance, requests for housing, setting up private duty care and applications for community resources